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 Safety & Security

Sécurité - sécurisé - logistiqueSécurité - sécurisé - logistique


All vehicles are equipped with on board computing. This is the quick & reliable tool providing real time status of driver’s activities.

The system comprises a badge reader identifying the driver and ‘a black-box’ collecting all the data from the “tachograph”.
The collected information is transmitted by satellite to our central server.
Operations department can then check map positions and routing of the vehicles at all times.

This system also provides our clients with internet access of the transportation status of their shipments.

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From their customer’s feedback Prevost Transports were among the pioneers in developing a full range of IT communication tools dedicated to transportation.
Today we employ a range of technical solutions that ensure reliable information on the status of each shipment is provided in real time.

 Information Technology systems at Prevost Transports are constantly evolving.
For more than 10 years all vehicles have been equipped with satellite communication system connected to onboard computing.
This system allows real time communication by a satellite between our drivers and the Operations Department.

. The aim is to be able to inform the customer systematically & in real time of the status of their shipment and to monitor our drivers’ activities.
It is no longer necessary to wait for the drivers return to base with the tachograph discs to analyze the data. We have the possibility to check our driver’s activity daily, weekly or monthly expressed in graphs or tables.
This data permits us to list all infractions & anomalies.